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Saddleback Oryx
Oryx Gazella


Identification: Long straight horns in males and females. Black in colour on the back  & top of the flanks with typical black markings , black on the buttocks and a black horse-like tail. Short black mane, black in colour continuing onto the tail. Black and white face markings. Lower parts of legs are white or grey or charcoal. Both sexes have horns. Size: Shoulder height +/- 1,2m. Weight 210 - 240kg. Habits: Grazers but browse occasionally. Love dry open areas (semi-desert). They also eat tsammas and roots. Calves are born throughout the year. They are very well adapted for hot conditions and have a well-developed cooling-off system for the blood going to the brain. Distribution: Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Western Zimbabwe and South Africa (Northern Cape).  The Black Gemsbok / Oryx colour variation is very rare and Mattanu has recently launced a breeding project to breed more of this beautiful colour variation.  The Black Gemsbok has the same markings as normal Gemsbok , but the colour is much darker and can vary from  charcoal, black saddle back to completely black.

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