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Red Oryx
Oryx Gazella

Red Oryx.jpg

Identification: Long straight horns in males and females. Bronze red in colour with prominent black markings and a black horse-like tail. Short black mane, black in colour continuing onto the tail. Black and white face markings. Lower parts of legs are white. Both sexes have horns. Size: Shoulder height +/- 1,2m. Weight 210 - 240kg. Habits: Grazers but browse occasionally. Love dry open areas (semi-desert). They also eat tsammas and roots. Calves are born throughout the year. They are very well adapted for hot conditions and have a well-developed cooling-off system for the blood going to the brain. Distribution: Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Western Zimbabwe and South Africa (Northern Cape).  The Red Gemsbok / Royal oryx colour variation is very rare and we have a few ongoing breeding projects to breed more of this beautiful colour variation.  The Red Gemsbok  / Royal Oryx has the same markings as normal Gemsbok , but the colour is much darker and bronze red in colour.

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